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Ways To Whiten Teeth And The Added Benefits

There are a countless number of people who suffer from dental discoloration on some level. Of course this doesn’t make them very happy and is not the greatest thing for your self esteem.  Even someone who takes the initiative to regularly brush and floss their teeth as well as make regular trips to the dentist can end up with stained teeth. There could be environmental factors, food or even the passage of time that can have a major impact on the natural radiance that their teeth once had. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can safely whiten your teeth and get incredible results that will restore your confidence and that smile that you once had.

Today more than ever, there are great teeth whitening options that you can pick from. Not only are there a wide variety of products that you can buy over the counter at your local drug store, you also have professional treatments that you can get through your dentist. You should know that the results are going to be a lot more dependable when you opt for professional whitening with a dentist in your area. As a matter of fact, a lot of cosmetic dentists will offer both at home as well as in office treatment options to get you amazing results. There are even some at home options you can try like this Youtube video shows:

It goes without saying that the results you are able to achieve will rely heavily on a lot of different factors. For example, your dental health will play a major role in the level of whitening you are able to take and the results that you will see. Overall, the majority of patients who go with professional tooth whitening are completely satisfied with the outcome and would recommend the procedures to other patients.

When looking at the side effects associated with professional whitening they are both mild in nature and the procedure itself is not invasive. Following along with a professional regimen for whitening can help you to achieve a smile that is dramatically improved. When you have a smile that is whiter and brighter, you are also going to benefit from a major boost in your self-confidence.

You should note that if you happen to have sensitivity with your teeth normally, this condition can be made a whole lot worse when you go through with whitening. Worn enamel and your current sensitivity level will be taken into consideration before the treatment is started. Your cosmetic dentist may also try out one area initially to see how you feel before moving forward with whitening a larger area.

When you talk with your dentist, you may be given the option of take home treatments that you can try. These treatment options will usually cost between $200 up to $500, which will include the whitening trays and the gel that is used. For an in office whitening procedure, you could end up spending $300 up to $1000 or more all depending on how many sessions are necessary and the type of treatment that is decided upon. No matter what, the end result will be whiter teeth that are brightened as safely as possible to give you a beautiful smile once again.

Straightening Your Teeth Can Also Help Your Confidence

There are a few different options for straightening your teeth or at least improving your bite. One of the best is to see an Orthodontist about getting a set of braces. It’s a simple procedure and they can usually be installed in an afternoon. You will however need to get them adjusted from time to time and where them for a period of usually 1 to 2 years depending on the extent of the needed straightening. For more information or to find an Orthodontist check this website

Should You Choose Contacts, Eye Glasses Or LASIK Surgery?

Your personal preferences will be instrumental in deciding if you should choose contacts, eye glasses or LASIK. Your preferences should include budget, convenience, your lifestyle, visual appeal and comfort. However, before you make your choice, you should understand that one choice is not better than another one. All three offer their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages are based on eye health, simplicity of use and vision.

For example, eyeglasses offer some advantages of contact lenses. Eyeglasses are low maintenance and a person does not have to touch their eye in order to wear them. Glasses are also more cost effective because they do not have to be replaced as often as contacts.
Glasses can also be used as a fashion accessory and can help reflect the individual’s personality to the world.

However, contacts also offer some advantages over glasses. These advantages include:

•    They do not obstruct vision (peripheral)
•    You can change your eye color
•    You can participate in activities without worrying about them breaking

LASIK surgery has its own distinct set of advantages. One of the most common reasons for individuals to choose this option is because of the noticeable and immediate improvement in vision. The results also last for a very long time.

So, which should you choose, eye glasses, contacts or LASIK? Once you know about the pros and cons of each, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eye Glasses

As previously discussed, one of the advantages of eye glasses is that you do not have to touch your eyes in order to improve your vision. This greatly reduces the risk of developing an eye infection.

Glasses also help protect the eyes from environmental hazards such as smoke, debris and dust.

There are some disadvantages to wearing eye glasses. Strong prescription glasses may have thicker lenses; some wearers believe the glasses will make their eye appear either magnified or smaller.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide a wider view because they are designed to fit the curve of the eyes. They will not clash with your clothing, so you can wear them with anything. You can also experiment with different eye colors by choosing different colored contacts.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to apply contacts correctly. It is a simple technique that can be practiced so the problem can be rectified. Contacts can also decrease the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the eyes. As a result, the eyes can be dry, scratchy and irritated.

lasiksurgeryThe Advantages And Disadvantages Of LASIK

LASIK surgery also has its own set of pros and cons. In addition to improved vision, an individual will no longer have a need for eye glasses or contacts. Another benefit is that the results are immediate and recovery from the surgery is quick. Many patients are able to return to their normal schedule within a day or two unless they work in a dusty environment.

Although rare, there are some disadvantages to having LASIK. Some of these disadvantages are temporary discomfort and vision interruptions.

The final decision is up to you. Consider your lifestyle and preferences when deciding which vision improvement option to choose.  If you are interested in getting a consultation for LASIK surgery please visit or if you live in the Portland area like us you can find the best LASIK surgeons at this direct link.

Seniors Getting Ready For Retirement Living

Planning for retirement living involves so much research since you have to factor in numerous factors such as the cost of living, where you expect to live, tax burden, lifestyle expenses and long term health costs. On the other hand, the definition of a happy retirement differs among different people. For some, it may mean spending more time with family. Or maybe you envision a transition from a full-time career into part-time work, visiting the golf course regularly, or starting a garden. Therefore, it is vital to figure out exactly how to get there financially by planning your strategy and building funds.

1. Define the life you want in your retirementretirementliving

How do you want to spend your retirement? Write down all your goals, starting with the most important objectives. For now, focus on ideas rather than the budget and be as detailed as you can. For instance, instead of simply listing “travel”, you can list “touring foreign countries” or “or regular trips to the ocean”. This will create a clear picture of how you envision retirement. Moreover, you should be practical in order to rule out any unnecessary expenses and make sure your financial needs can be met even as you brainstorm. Focusing on realistic goals makes your retirement living plans even more tangible and attainable.

2. Analyze your assets

Take stock of any nontraditional assets that can be used to fund your retirement. Perhaps you restore cars or collect antiques. Most skills and hobbies can easily help you generate extra income during retirement. For instance, you can teach piano lessons or start trading antiques. After listing all your nontraditional assets, hobbies and skills, it’s time to think how these skills and hobbies can be morphed into money making ventures.

3. Assess your health

It is critical to be as healthy as possible in order to get the best out of retirement. This can be achieved through preventive medical attention such as preventive exams and checkups. Work with your doctor at each appointment to plan how you can improve your health. Healthy living can include simple measures such as commitment to healthy living, getting enough sleep, exercising or staying mentally sharp with books, puzzles and brain games. On the other hand, most healthy foods are satisfying and very delicious. One of the most effective ways of maintaining good health both mentally and physically is staying in contact with friends and family because it fights off any blues especially when you are retired.

4. How much do you want to work?

In most cases, retires either have to give up some retirement goals and stretch out limited funds or continue working in some capacity in order to pay for their dreams. Therefore, you must consider how much work is necessary when listing your retirement objectives. However, you should not wait until retirement to decide how much time you need or want to spend at work (number of hours per week) during retirement in order to reach your retirement goals. This will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working.

5. Create your retirement budget


· How much you are earning

· The amount of debt you have

· The total cost of reaching your retirement goals

You can start by tracking your expenses and income for several months and figure out how much you’ll need to support the lifestyle you desire in retirement. You also need to assess your investment and diversify your portfolio but be sure to invest only in things you understand. Include monthly payments to settle your debts if you have any. Once you have successfully created a budget you can stick to, put it into action.

6. Start thinking and talking about moving to a retirement community

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal retirement community including your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Discuss all your expectations with loved ones in order to make the right decisions. In fact, a recent research by AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) shows that 75% of children with parents who are approaching retirement age have considered independent living options for their parents. Consider the importance of amenities, activities, and location.

Medical expenses are inevitable especially in retirement and you might even require extra help. Therefore, you need to consider purchasing long-term supplemental insurance if there is a chance you’ll eventually need to move to a retirement community.  If you are in the Portland, Oregon area we recommend Hawthorne Gardens as a great Portland senior community.

Some of the Latest Dental Tools and Technologies in Use Today

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. The dental field has not been left behind in the constant evolution of technology. The evolution of dental technologies has not only helped to make work a lot easier for dentists, it has also helped dental patients receive better quality services than the services they received a few years ago. The new technologies have helped to make patients more comfortable when they are receiving treatment in a dental office. This can be especially true when doing procedures like root canals (Endodontics) etc. For that procedure if you live in Oregon we would recommend this Portland Endodontist.  Without further ado, here are the modern dental technologies and tools that are in use today;

1. Digital X-rays

More and more dentists are switching to digital X-ray machines. The digital X-ray machines are capable of providing images that are more detailed and are more environment friendly than the traditional machines that were used to provide X-ray images. A digital machine utilizes computer technology rather than the traditional film. The film has been conveniently replaced by an electric pad that makes it possible for the images to be sent to a screen directly.

2. Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is used to reduce discomfort and improve the efficiency of a number of dental procedures. It is used in procedures such as the reduction of tooth sensitivity, filling cavities, teeth whitening and the elimination of tumors. Laser dental-technologiesdentistry is painless and is very fast. When a dentist is using laser dentistry, he/she will also help you eliminate all forms of bacteria that can lead to problems or complications.

3. Invisalign

Invisalign are clear braces that are used to gently straighten the teeth. They are practically invisible. These braces provide a convenient way to straighten your teeth without destroying your smile. The traditional metallic braces are visible to everyone when you smile, even to those who are far away from you. Invisalign braces are also lighter in weight compared to the metallic braces. They can easily be taken out when you want to eat and do not limit you on the types of foods that you can eat.

4. DVD glasses

DVD glasses make it possible for patients to watch films when they visit the dental office for treatment. They help to keep a patient that is being treated entertained. These glasses help to keep the minds of patients off the dental procedures that they are having. They make them feel at home. Watching a DVD also helps to reduce patients’ anxiety.

5. Nucalm

Nucalm is new treatment that was developed specifically to help patients who suffer from dental phobia dental anxiety. It is a non-invasive method that helps to relax the body and to induce a state of calm. Nucalm involves the chewing of tablets that have been designed to help to counteract the effects of adrenaline. Nucalm has proved to be a very effective solution to people suffering from nervousness or anxiety when they go for dental treatment.

6. CT scanners

CT scanners are present in almost every hospital. However, it only until recently that dentists started using them to treat their patients. A CT scanner helps a dentist to get extremely accurate images of the gum tissue and the teeth. A CT scan is mostly used for patients who need dental implants. It helps dentists to place implants exactly where they are supposed to be.

7. Velscope

Velscope is special instrument that helps dentists to look for the early signs of oral cancer. This instrument shines a blue light into different parts of the mouth to detect abnormalities. The blue light makes the tissues fluoresce. Healthy tissues will give out a green glow while abnormal or unhealthy tissues will give a darker, duller glow.

8. DIAGNOdent

DIAGNOdent is new device that makes it possible for dentist to detect cavities in hidden in places where the normal X-ray machines can’t find. This helps to ensure that a patient’s mouth is thoroughly checked for cavities. It also helps in the early detection of cavities so that they can be fixed early before they expand and reach the advanced stages.

9. Intraoral camera

These cameras help the dentists to get clear images or pictures of places that they find hard to see. A dentist can the show the pictures to a patient to educate him/her. The intraoral camera also helps the dentist to thoroughly inspect the mouth of a patient to better asses their oral care needs.

More good information about some of the latest Dental Instruments.